Eye Test

Take our FREE EYE TEST below to have some OPHTHALMOLOGY FUN!

Step 1: Read the following underlined sentences to yourself.
Did you know the fun fact that you blink more than three million times a year? The function of the blink is to clean and moisten the eyes. Each time you blink, you keep your eyes shut for about one-sixth of a second. If you figure out the math, this means that your eyes are closed for a few hundred hours each year from blinking alone.

Step 2: Now, here comes the “eye test” part. Carefully count the total number of times the letter “F” appears in the underlined sentences of the paragraph above that you just read. (It does not matter if the “F” is uppercase or lowercase).

Step 3: Write down this number and then press “Get Answer!” below. DO NOT CLICK to the next page before you have finished Steps 1 and 2. (WARNING: If you click to the Answer page before you have completed the above steps, then the result of your “eye test” is NOT valid.)